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The Importance of Emotional Intelligence - Free Essay Example

The ability to control ones emotions is typically disregarded outside of psychological terms in a professional setting. In fact, very few people seem to consider how well they recognize and maintain their own emotions. The ability to do so is called emotional intelligence, which, as defined professionally, is the ability to identify and manage your own emotions and the emotions of others. It can be broken down into three skills, which are emotional awareness; the ability to harness and apply emotions to situations and problem-solving; and the ability to manage emotions, both of oneself and of others.Emotional awareness is a crucial skill to life for any person. This particular skill includes the ability to read the mood and situation of others, and utilizing empathy to relate to and help those who may need it. The ability of emotional awareness makes you come off to others as more reliable, and more in control of yourself. Both of these are especially important, because they help you stand out against the crowd and be a better person. However, it is hard to help others without helping yourself first. Thus, self-awareness is the first and most important part to ones emotional intelligence, as you cant truly be emotionally intelligent if you cant even read yourself. It is also important to be aware of your emotions so you know how to control them. Of course, everyone has their emotions go out of control at some point or another, and its perfectly common, but what truly matters is that you try to control yourself in the future. Self-improvement is a valuable life skill for anyone, and has little to no excuses for ignoring.Once you are able to be aware of your own emotions, you can use this skill to harness them and apply them to life involving both yourself and others. Using your own experiences is a simple way to relate to and help with other peoples problems, if they allow you to. This really falls into being able to control your emotions, but applying them to real-life problems of your own as well as others is sti ll relatively important. Problem-solving is a valuable skill, and even more valuable when you know how to do it correctly. Managing emotions is slightly different from harnessing them. This may involve taking action to help others with their emotions, beyond applying yourself and problem-solving. Rather than solving the problem at hand, it focuses on cheering up or calming down yourself or the person so that you or they may easier solve the problem. This is the part of emotional intelligence that focuses on ?turning down the heat, to speak idiomatically.Ultimately, emotional intelligence makes one a better citizen because it causes you to be a more caring person, as well as more approachable. It could be described as a way to help the community in a non-tangible way. Not everyone has the ability to be aware of, harness, and manage their own emotions, and are often grateful to have assistance from someone who knows what theyre doing. Helping others goes beyond giving them material goods and assistance with chores. While those are important and certainly not a bad thing, when you help others with their emotions, they also learn to grow their own emotional intelligence. It could very well start a chain reaction throughout a community of people that leads to a happier environment for everyone.Overall, emotional intelligence is defined as the ability to be aware of, harness, and manage the emotions of yourself as well as those around you. While it is important to help others, it is also important to help yourself before getting too invested in helping others. It is possible to start a chain reaction by helping others with their own emotional intelligence, and this leads to a better community, and making you a better citizen to said community.

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Adversity Essay Samples - Useful Tips for Writing an Adversity Essay

Adversity Essay Samples - Useful Tips for Writing an Adversity EssayIt is important to highlight different types of adversity essay samples, but to do this, you must be aware of what exactly the topic is. By considering your background, interests, and personality, you can come up with the best option for writing an essay about something that is very important to you.Personal or financial hardship is a very important subject to write about, even if it is not life threatening. Consider what it means to you personally, and how it has affected your own life. You might find that your experience is what inspired you to write this essay.Personal essays can be extremely helpful, as you can find inspiration from the thoughts that you have written, and even what other people think about you. This type of writing is an excellent tool to help individuals look at themselves in a more honest light. If you feel that your situation is not fair, or you feel like others are unfairly judging you, you w ill definitely want to give it some thought.In today's business world, it is all too common for many people to be financially challenged. It is easy to see why they would want to write about this issue. It is a topic that many others who face the same challenges are afraid to speak openly about, but they really have nothing to be ashamed of.Writing a personal essay about someone else is not easy, but it is possible to do. You should write about what you love about that person, how they have affected your life, and how you want to help them. If you can make them smile or motivate them to get up off the couch, then you will definitely have accomplished your goal.Going back to the topic of financial hardship, finding a great way to share your personal experience can be a great way to help others with this problem. Just remember that this can not only help others, but it can also help you find new ways to improve your own life. Writing this type of essay will help you grow, and help to solve problems in the future.Whether you want to write your own essays for school, or you are looking for a way to show someone else how to write about something positive, there are many ways to write about life's ups and downs. Whatever you choose, remember that writing is one of the most powerful ways to communicate the meaning behind your words.

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Taking a Look at Holocaust Revisionism - 1459 Words

The state of Missouri has a population of about 6 million people. Imagine a disaster that could completely wipe out all of those people. Believe it or not, there has been a catastrophe in history that killed a number of people equal to the population of Missouri. This event is known as the Holocaust. During this genocide, the Nazi party in Germany tried to eliminate the whole jewish population. In the process of doing so they killed some six million innocent people. The Nazi Party nearly wiped out the entire Jewish population, leaving very few to carry on with religion and personal accounts of living through the Holocaust. For generations the facts about the Holocaust have been taught so that nothing like this terrible event would ever happen again, but some people known as â€Å"revisionists† have tried to change, and even deny these facts to say that the Holocaust never happened. These people believe that the Holocaust was just the cruel effects of war instead of the worst g enocide in world history that it was. People know a lot about the Holocaust and the events that took place within the camps based on research and the personal accounts of the survivors, so for a revisionist to claim that the Holocaust simply didn’t happen is unbelievable. The Holocaust, which happened between the years of 1933- 1945, was a genocide that caused a lot of suffering. The term Holocaust itself has a deeper meaning than just the word, its origin is Greek and the words â€Å"holos† (whole) andShow MoreRelatedThe Themes and Motivations Behind George Orwells 19842682 Words   |  11 Pagesyou have read the story, The next logical question one must ask themselves is, do we understand why he wrote this wonderful piece of work? Please allow me the opportunity to enlighten you. In order to understand the why; I propose that we must look into the following: his life, the time period in which he lived and the body of work of the late, great Mr. George Orwell. Our esteemed author was born Eric Arthur Blair, on the 25th of June in 1903. He was born in India to Richard Walmesley

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Code Name Jane - Abortion Counseling Service 1969-1973

Jane was the code name of a feminist abortion referral and counseling service in Chicago from 1969 to 1973. The official name of the group was the Abortion Counseling Service of Womens Liberation. Jane disbanded after the Supreme Courts Roe v. Wade decision legalized most first and second trimester abortions in the United States. Historical Context Prior to the  Roe v. Wade  decision, abortion was illegal nearly everywhere in the United States, although women had been terminating unwanted or dangerous pregnancies for centuries.  Thousands of women had died from illegal, back-alley abortions in the United States and around the world before the procedure was legalized. For women wishing or needing to end a pregnancy, options were scarce and gruesome: sketchy doctors in unsanitary conditions, risking being caught in a sting, or physical or chemical DIY abortifacients. Underground Abortion Service The leaders of Jane were part of the Chicago Womens Liberation Union (CWLU). Women who called seeking help spoke to a contact code named Jane, who referred the caller to an abortion provider. Like the Underground Railroad of the previous century, the activists of Jane broke the law in order to save womens lives.  Jane helped an estimated 10,000 to 12,000 women obtain abortions without fatalities. The group began in 1969 in Chicago, advertising with simple ads in alternative and student newspapers. At first, the Jane activists tried to find reliable doctors and arranged for callers to meet the abortionists in secret locations. A caller would leave a message on the networks answering machine, and a Jane would call her back, collect the necessary information, and pass it along to a Big Jane who handled the logistical aspects. The patients would first be taken to one place for counseling before being secretly led to a facility for the procedure itself. Eventually, some Jane women learned to perform abortions themselves. Since many of the male doctors who performed illegal abortions charged astronomical prices, the Janes learned medical skills and would charge as little as 10% or even less of a male doctors fee. As detailed in the book The Story of Jane: The Legendary Underground Feminist Abortion Service by Laura Kaplan (New York: Pantheon Books, 1995), one of Janes goals was to give women a sense of control and knowledge in a situation that otherwise made them powerless. Jane sought to work with the women, not do something to them. Jane also tried to protect women, who were often in difficult financial circumstances, from being exploited by abortionists who could and would charge any price they could get from a woman who was desperate for an abortion. Counseling and Medical Procedures The women of Jane learned the basics of performing abortions. They also induced miscarriages for certain pregnancies and brought in midwives who could assist the induced women. If women went to a hospital emergency room after inducing a miscarriage, they risked being turned over to the police. In 1972, the worst did happen. Chicago police raided one of the apartments used as a base of operations for the Janes. Seven women were arrested and charged for their roles in facilitating the illegal abortion procedures. Even then, the Janes worked to protect the identities and safety of the women who had trusted them. While in the police van itself, the arrested women ripped up the cards with their patients identifying information and swallowed the bits of paper that contained the most crucial details.   Jane also provided counseling, health information and sex education. Following the  Roe  decision, the network disbanded, as its services were no longer needed. In the 21st century, however, as local governments have chipped away at access to abortion services, similar networks of women helping women have popped up across the country, this time with access to modern medicine. The Women Jane Helped According to Jane by Laura Kaplan, the women who sought abortion help from Jane included: Women who could not care for a childWomen who became pregnant even though they used contraceptionWomen whose male partners forbade them to use contraceptionWomen who thought they were no longer fertileGirls who did not (yet) understand how reproductive biology works Women who came to Jane were of various classes, ages, races and ethnicities. The feminist activists of Jane said they had helped females from age 11 through age 50. Other Groups Nationwide There were other small abortion referral groups in cities across the United States. Womens groups and clergy were among those who created compassionate networks to help women find safe, legal access to abortion. The story of Jane is also told in a 1996 documentary film called Jane: An Abortion Service. Sources: Haberman, Clyde. Code Name Jane: The Women Behind A Covert Abortion Network.  The New York Times  14 Oct. 2018,  https://www.nytimes.com/2018/10/14/us/illegal-abortion-janes.html. Kaplan, Laura.  The  Story of Jane: The Legendary Underground Feminist Abortion Service.  New York: Pantheon Books, 1995.

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Essay on Biography of President Barack Obama - 655 Words

Obama’s Presidency Barack Obama was born in Honolulu, Hawaii on August 4th, 1961. He went to Harvard Law School. After his graduation, continued his legal work as a civil rights lawyer and a professor teaching constitutional law at the University of Chicago. He was elected to the Illinois State Senate in 1996. He served there for three terms (1996-2004). Later on, he started his campaign in 2007 for the presidential election in 2008. He won the presidential election against John McCain, his Republican opponent and started serving in the office in January 20, 2009. He became the 44th President of The United States of America. He is more well-known for being the first African-American who ever served in The White House. During his terms, he†¦show more content†¦They are still debating over the solution for this. â€Å"In term of foreign policy, he is indecisive† –Bui, 36. According to what he said, Mr. Obama often gives late decisions. He is not good at dealing with other countries. Ukraine and Eastern Sea are one of the obvious proofs. China and Russia have been very daring lately; America is losing respect in both term of economy and military. Israel is another country to concern. Imagine if there is no Israel, all those Middle Eastern countries are sharing the same belief. They will eventually team up, create their own Alliance and only God knows what they can do with that. The world doesn’t need another version of Germany in World War 2. According to Jenifer Rubin from The Washington Post, in an article she said â€Å"President Obama gave an interview in which he viciously attacked Israel, suggesting that Israel was the cause of the peace process failure, that the United States could no longer protect Israel if the peace process failed†. Mr. Obama should consi der that keeping Israel strong is a good thing to do right now. A strong Israel means that Middle East is unstable. Israel’s neighbor countries will keep being suspicious in every moves Israel made. They will be busy dealing with each other. In another word, it will prevent them to unify. However, American should consider the good that he has done for this country. He ended the war with Iraq as the last troop left in 2011. HeShow MoreRelatedHow the Life of Barack Obama Inspires798 Words   |  3 Pagesaway†(â€Å"Barack Obama Biography†.1). This quote gives a small insight and overview on how Barack Obama’s biographies, speeches, and other quotes such as the one above were inspired by his average childhood with having an absent father, his parents separated at a young age and living with his maternal grandparents. His early careers beginning as an organizer, starting politics and later becoming a senator. Lastly with his adventurous travels with his transits to Kenya, Indonesia, and Chicago. Barack Obama’sRead MoreThe Life of a Leader, Barack Obama Essay919 Words   |  4 Pagesthat is educated and embodies the ability to assess the other groups skills and talents in order to utilize them to accomplish a goal. Barack Obama was the first bl ack senator for the state of Illinois. Barak was also the first black United States President. Barak made a healthcare program that has been modified to include more people it is called Obamacare. Obama is a good leader because he is persuasive and a diligent worker. As a leader he does many things which include visiting foreign countriesRead MoreBarack Obama Examined Through an Adlerian Framework Superiority Striving931 Words   |  4 PagesAdlerian point of view is Adler called a style of life. I will compare President Barack Obama’s superiority striving to Adlerian Theory Obama did not have a relationship with his father as a child. As an infant, Barack father Obama Sr. relocated to Massachusetts to attend Harvard University, to receive a Ph.D. Baracks parents separated several months later and divorced in March 1964. In 1965 at the age of 2, President Barack Obama Jr., father returned to Kenya. In 1965, Obama’s mother Ann DunhamRead MoreSkin Color and Barrack Obama Essay1137 Words   |  5 Pagesdifference a color change makes. Obama is like the paint to the white house. This can be compared to the recent election of Barrack Obama entering the white house. The integral structure of the white house has not changed but a fresh coat has been applied so to speak, with him coming into office. He seeks to improve the government with policy changes and new laws, not completely start over. Even his life and the way he came to the top is a prime example of color. Obama comes from humble roots andRead MoreBarack Obama s President Of The American Dream Essay943 Words   |  4 PagesBio Obama didn’t have an easy road to the oval office. His story, amongst other presidents, is one that embodies the true will of the American dream. A lot of people don’t know that Obama’s father abandoned him when he was young to pursue a degree at Harvard. Nor do they know that Obama lived in Indonesia as a child, or that he went back to his roots in Kenya to meet his family members. Obama played a critical role of shifting the direction of the United States. This paper analyzes the historyRead MoreA Peace Prize Award For Carrying Out1301 Words   |  6 PagesQuite a few popular, yet controversial candidates, like Barack Hussein Obama, have been presented a Nobel Peace Prize award for carrying out â€Å"peace† in especially contrasting and different ways. These so-called peace prizes show that peace can be associated and parallel to war engagement, destruction, unorthodox doings; In other words, a wrong can make a right! What makes Obama rise above the rest is his â€Å"Yes We Can!† attitude, his attempts to make peace in different countries along with his ownRead MoreObama s First African American President Of The United States1518 Words   |  7 Pages Barack Hussein Obama Jr, the first African American President of the United States, was born on August the 4th 1961 in Honolulu, Hawaii. Obama’s birth is considered as an important turning point for African American’s in history, he was the first African American to serve as a United States president. Barack Obama is currently the 44th president of the United States. He was raised in a middle class family with education being the core of their lives and had very noble values. Obama was a graduateRead MoreTransformational Leadership As An Exceptional Form Of Influence Essay1567 Words   |  7 Pages185). Current president, Barack Obama has become the demonstration of hope and change throughout the Western World. Although his time in the United States Senate has been brief, he has made an astounding change in the cultural attitudes and behaviors of developed western nations towards people of color and legislated one of the most progressive reforms in history, the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (Obama, 2008). President Obama has defined his rise to and term as President with a leadershipRead MoreBiography on Brarck Hussesin Obama Jr. Essay1013 Words   |  5 PagesPresident Barack Hussein Obama Jr is currently the President of the United States of an America and was born August 4th 1961 to His mother (Ann Dunham) and his father (Barack Obama Sr). President Obama was raised up by his grandparents when he turned 10 years old in Honolulu Hawaii. Obama mother and father got married on February 2, 1961 and had Obama 6 months later. President Obama didn’t have a father figure in his life because mother had moved to a different location and Obama Sr stayed inRead MoreIs The United States Be Ran By A Black Man?1157 Words   |  5 PagesSince 2008, Obama has Protected American jobs, Improved Health Care, Education and has been supporting troops.Although president Obama has been a strong president, he hasn t achieved to end wars and attacks around the world. President Barack Hussein Obama II was born in Honolulu Hawaii, August 4, 1961. Obama lived with his mother and father for a short period of time until his father left when he was around the age of two.Obama didn t really have a relationship with his father . When Obama was little

Essay on Returning to College as an Adult - 650 Words

Returning to College as an Adult Coming to college as an adult, we have many expectations and preconceptions of what college will or will not be. The expectations we have can influence our college life for the better or the worse. My experience since starting college has been an interesting one. People have misconceptions about college because they do not know what to expect. After doing some research, I have concluded that there are three major factors that are often misunderstood about college life. The first is the financial aspect of college. Second, is the relationship between the professors and students. Third is time management. These three factors play an important role in why people are afraid to go down the path to college.†¦show more content†¦There are many options available from low-tuition state universities, financial aid, employer tuition reimbursement. In some cases, you can be eligible for various types of grants. Being a single mother or just shopping at a certain supermarket can make you eligible. There is a misconception about the professors (sometimes called instructors). Questions arise such as; will they make time for me when I need the extra help? How large will the class be? Will they understand that this may not be as easy for me as it is for others? These questions enter our minds and may seem discouraging at times. Through my personal experiences I have found that classroom atmospheres may not always be for everyone. However, that does not mean college life is not for everyone. You can take many alternative routes. You can take advantage of telecourses, online courses, accelerated courses and many other options that may be more suitable. My professors have been great. They come in earlier to help and return e-mails and/or phone calls promptly. You also expect to be able to accomplish your work quickly and with minimal stress, leaving more time to work and spend with your family. You expect to be able to do what you did in high school and still pass. However college, by far, is nowhere as easy as most anticipate. You have to study, unlike high school, where you could float on by with As by seldomly attending class. College is harder than high school and thereforeShow MoreRelatedReturning to College as an Adult Essay1008 Words   |  5 Pagesmany years—returning to school to earn a degree. Returning to school has always been achievable; however, as each year of my life sped by and I got older, I always came up with more and more excuses as to why I should not return to school. One day I received a course catalog in the mail showing online classes at the college. I decide that an online class would be the first step to my future. I am so grateful for the first day of that class. All the excuses and delays regardi ng returning to schoolRead MoreAdults Return to the Classroom1565 Words   |  7 PagesAdults return to the classroom The growing trend of older adults going back to school has doubled over the last ten years according to Career Builders.com and online employment service I have used in the past. With increasing technology changing the job market to skilled labor and the current economic crises causing loss of employment, lay offs and business closings, more and more adults are faced with finding themselves back in the classroom. As I join the many other adult students overRead MoreThe Changing Transition Of Adulthood By Goldscheider Goldsheider And Echoboomerang By Pamela Paul1617 Words   |  7 Pagescohorts which are groupings of generational time periods in history. They agree that the main pathway, children choose in seeking to become an adult out of their parents’ house, is college. The reasons why young adult children may return home to live is to finish paying off college loans and fees that were accumulated while attending school. Both accuse colleges and universities of being raising the cost of intuition or practicing deceptive measures in order to charge student more money. For example;Read MoreLifespan Development1327 Words   |  5 Pagesthat that the majority of college students are white and come from the middle class. However, there is an increase in the number of minority students. The ages of college students may vary widely as well, since more than one third of them are over the age of 25 (Hussar Bailey, 2009). The number of older students reflects a significant change in the college population. Many more students who graduate high school are waiting to attend college instead of attending college directly after high schoolRead MoreGraduation Speech : Becoming A College1181 Words   |  5 Pagesof career colleges, vocational schools that now off er bachelor s degree programs targeted toward working adults like myself. People frequently enroll in career colleges to acquire new skills or enhance their knowledge. Career colleges offer vocational training programs, such as nursing, beauty, auto repair, electronics, and engineering. Through my research I found that increasing numbers of working professionals are enrolling in school to learn the skills necessary to earn a college degree or takeRead MoreLiterature Review793 Words   |  4 Pagesinflux of adult learners returning to college to obtain new or improve their skill set, to obtain a degree to earn more money, and to prepare for a new job altogether as the jobs began to close. The closing of jobs forced workers to seek alternatives way to obtain new jobs, such as returning to school; thus, this area began in the early 2000s with the scarce amount of high paying jobs being available today. Retention is a specific area of concern for many institutions, since the adult po pulationRead MoreAfrican American Nontraditional Students Case Study966 Words   |  4 Pagesnumbers of nontraditional students returning to colleges; the enrollment of students ages 25 and older rose by 13 percent between 1997 and 2007. NCES (2009) reported that from 2006 to 2017, there will be a continual increase in enrollment to nearly 20 percent for this age group (Bonner et al., 2015; Kenner Weinerman, 2011; Ross-Gordon, 2011). According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) there are 162.3 million people in the United States and the Council for Adult and Experiential Learning claimsRead MoreStatistical Differences in Anxiety Essay1320 Words   |  6 Pagesscore (Funk, 2009). These results are difficult to believe given Funks previous research and mention about the majority of adults returning to having such high level of math anxiety upon returning to higher education (Funk, 2009). However, the reason for the scores results from how the results were contrived. The me an is an average of the five common anxieties found in the adult learner (Russel, 2012). The results from the questionnaire are added then divided by the number of students that respondedRead MoreAdult Learning Theory Paper (Alt)1229 Words   |  5 PagesAdult Learning Theory Paper Summary This paper is about adult learning theories. The learning theory andragogy was discussed in detail. Also, the author talked about how people structure their own learning theories. What typical views and reports for adult learning were conversed there were also views and discussions from the view of adult learner. Article stated the pressure and concerns of students who go back to school as an adult years later in comparison to going straight out of high schoolRead MoreShould College Be A Social Worker?967 Words   |  4 Pages Clark Gable stated â€Å"You won’t be doing any worse with an education; you might do a lot better.† Other than ensuring a higher salary, why do people go to college? They go to college to prepare themselves for the learning skills needed to succeed today and tomorrow in this changing world. According to The National Center for Education of Statistics, enrollment in a degree- granting institution has increased by 15 percent, between 2002 and 2012; enrollment increased 24 percent from 16.6 million to

Importance of Compensation Philosophy †MyAssignmenthelp.com

Question: Discuss about the Importance of Compensation Philosophy. Answer: Introduction Human resource management is the process of managing human resources of a given organization. It is one of the most crucial functions of the business and enables the top management to ensure that the employees working for the firm are productive and satisfied (Armstrong Taylor, 2014). The responsibilities of a human resource manager are varied starting from recruiting and training to rewarding and managing performance. An efficient human resource manager is a vital asset to any business. This report throws light on various functions of the human resource management. The position selected is that of a Restaurant manager. This position has been selected owing to varied responsibilities fulfilled by a restaurant manager and the sundry amount of new challenges that the manager faces on a daily basis. It is a unique position as the customers change every day and each customer has distinct needs and demands. A restaurant manager is expected to hire the right staff for the restaurant, manage a diverse set of customers, address their grievances, effectively manage the restaurant budget, follow compliance and handle conflicts (Beardwell Thompson, 2014). These vast spectrum of responsibilities make the position of a restaurant manager truly dynamic and it is imperative that the person selected for the role is dexterous and proficient. Designing and analyzing jobs Designing of jobs is one of the most crucial tasks assigned to an HR manager. This involves forming and formulating various responsibilities that need to fulfill by the employee (Jong, Parker, Wennekers Wu 2015). It specifies various relationships of the employee with the rest of the firm and clarifies expectations and defines responsibilities in an efficient manner. Job description clarifies the responsibilities and obligations that come with the position of a Restaurant manager. The purpose of the job description is to ensure the employee is clear and well aware of the responsibilities that he is expected to fulfill (German, 2016). It also elucidates to whom the employee reports and whose performance in the team is he accountable for. The description also lays emphasis on the most basic qualifications to ensure a persons eligibility to apply for the job. The job description of a restaurant manager is as below: Job Title Restaurant manager Reports to Restaurant owner Date 12/11/2017 Written by and approved by Job duties and responsibilities 1. Managing staff working at the restaurant 2. Budget planning and execution 3. Daily reporting to the owner 4. Managing stock and raw material 5. Coordinating with suppliers 6. Grievance handling 7. Ensuring customer satisfaction 8. Managing performance of the staff 9. Providing the staff with timely feedback Job specifications 1. Excellent communication skills 2. Graduation in any field 3. Excellent people management skills 4. Previous experience of 3 years in the same industry mandatory Performance standards 1. Implementation of budget 2. Generate revenue 3. Manage cost 4. Ensure excellence in customer service 5. Reduce turnaround time for customers Strategies to enrich or enlarge the job Departmentalizing the restaurant will help in enriching the job profile as it would make the work of the restaurant manager much easier (Portal, 2013). Each department will have one contact person and the restaurant manager will be directly communicating with these contact persons on a regular basis. This would save time and create an increased efficacy. The restaurant manager must be provided with timely rewards and effective recognition. These rewards would be aimed at making the manager feel more valued and instil a sense of motivation to assist in achieving better performance (Jones, 2017). Expanding the menu of the restaurant will enlarge the job of the restaurant manager as now the target market would increase and hence the number of customers availing services at the restaurant would be higher. This would require extra management and responsibilities of the manager leading to an enlarged job. HR planning and recruitment Human resource planning is the procedure of analyzing the current as well as future human resource requirement in any business. This involves examining how many employees are currently employed with the firm and fulfilling manpower gaps if any (Belcourt McBey, 2016). The aim of HR planning and recruitment is to make sure the business is neither understaffed nor overstaffed. Environmental scan assists managers in considering the factors that may directly or indirectly impact the recruitment process and availability of talent in the industry (Uysal, 2014). As a restaurant manager, this environmental scan includes: Increasing competition: the manager need to know how many more restaurants or similar services are available in the nearby areas and what are the salaries that are being offered to their employees. Employee poaching: The manager must also keep a hawk eye on restaurants that might be poaching our employees by keeping a track of previous employees current employment details (Kim, 2014). Economic factors (recession, inflation): Factors like recession and inflation hamper the availability of talent (Chauradia, Mawdsley Brymer, 2017). An increasing inflation increases employees salary expectations while recession generally slows down the economic activity of the nation Recruitment strategy Recruitment drives: Recruitment drives could be conducted which allow firms to address a wider audience and help find the right candidate for the job. These recruitment drives are intended to provide jobs to a large number of people. Handouts distributed in public places: Handouts could be printed and distributed at public places in order to make people aware about the vacancies at the restaurant. The eligible and interested candidates could apply by referring to the contact details in the handout. Referrals: The existing employees of the restaurant could refer other interested candidates and earn extra incentives for the same (Burks, Cowgill, Hoffman Housman, 2015). Selection of the perfect employee from various applying candidates is a significant responsibility of a restaurant manager. It requires immense skill to identify the right talent in the short span in which the candidate interviews with the firm. Organizations must be strict about the selection criteria in order to filter out ineligible candidates. Completion of application form: Anyone who applies for the position would be asked to fill out an application form. Candidates applying online can fill the application online. This will contain the details of the candidates work experience, educational qualifications, strengths, weaknesses and other personal information. Pre-screening: On the basis of their application alone, various candidates will be selected or rejected for the next round of interview. It is essential to ensure that the qualifications of the candidate matches well with those required for the job. It is difficult to know about a person entirely by their application, hence this is just the first level test. Employment tests: The role of a restaurant manager involves making quick decisions, manage stress and act fast in case of a crisis. To assess this ability of a candidate, a logical reasoning and aptitude test would be conducted. This will help to further shortlist candidates for the personal interview round. Interview: A one on one personal interview is the best way to judge a candidates communication skills, public behavior and ability to connect with people. An interview will be conducted in the presence of the restaurant owner as well as the HR head. Reference checks: if the candidate successfully clears the interview to the satisfaction of the jury, then a reference must be conducted to check upon the performance of the candidate in the previous jobs. This is important to make a decision and get a genuine and first hand feedback from the previous employer. Hiring decision: Once the entire process has completed, the top management must sit together and decide whether the candidate must be selected or rejected. Either way, the candidate must be informed the decision in a professional manner. Selection interview During the candidates interview, it would be essential that the owner of the restaurant or any other business partner along with HR personnel is present. For the position of the restaurant manager, the team would be evaluating the candidate based on communication skills, people management skills, quick decision making ability, efficient conflict management and polite behavior (Levashina, Hartwell, Morgeson Campion 2014). Question 1: Describe a situation where you have completely disagreed with your superior because you were very sure that you are right Question 2: What has been your biggest achievement and your biggest failure since you started working. What did you learn from both? Question 3: What is the most difficult customer situation you have ever faced and how did you tackle it? Question 1: If a customer has visited the restaurant with a large party and orders food worth CAD 300, but one of the food items has a strand of hair. He is demanding to wave off his entire bill. The staff is doubting that he has placed that strand of hair himself to get free food. On the other hand, customer is creating a scene and intimidating to sue the restaurant. What would you do in such a scenario? Question 2: There is a waiter who has been associated with the restaurant since inception and has been one of the best performing employees of the firm. One day you visit the terrace of the restaurant after working hours and see that he and two other colleagues have stolen beer from the restaurant and consuming it in the restaurant premises. What action would you take? Question 3: There is an office in the same building as your restaurant and the employees of that office regularly visit the restaurant. For the 14 of February, you have hosting a private party and 30% of the tickets have been sold. The CEO of the same office approaches you and requests you to allow the office to organize a party on 14th February, the same day as the private party. You cannot lose this client as they give you a daily business. What would you do? Orienting and training Pre hire: Before hire the candidates details would be recorded. The candidate must be asked to send all his documents for verification and feedback must be taken from the previous employers Hiring: Once the employee has been hired a formal welcome letter must be sent to the employee with details including his work timings, dress code, contact details of one contact person and other important organizational details (Lawson, 2015). First Day: The employee must be introduced to everyone in the organization. The details of the organizational structure and his team must be shared with the employee. The work must be clearly explained, a tour of the entire facility must be provided, a mentor must be assigned and any other guidance that the employee wants, must be provided. First week: It is important that the restaurant manager can handle different departments of the restaurant including kitchen management, accounting, staff handling etc. Training must be provided for the same. Performance must be closely evaluated. And towards the end of the week a meeting must be scheduled to take and provide feedback about the current experience in the restaurant. Three months: Three months from the joining, a complete performance evaluation should be done. The idea is to provide a feedback to the employee and recommend improvements if any required. Also the employees feedback should be taken about his team members. The employee must also share an action plan for the next three months. Justification for the program Employee orientation: This on boarding program would orient the employee well with the restaurant and the organizational structure. Employee acceptance: This program is aimed at ensuring the employee accepts the organizational culture and vice versa. The employee must be comfortable in the place of work (Williams, 2015). Feedback: This program would also give way to a genuine and transparent feedback policy. This way the employee would be able to improve his performance and he can also provide feedback and recommend any improvements in the organization. Performance evaluation: This on boarding program involves performance evaluation meetings between the manager and his superior every three months. This would ensure that the performance is regularly evaluated and kept under check. Feedback from the employee will give a clear idea about the effectiveness of the orientation and training program. This could be done via feedback forms as well as encouraging open discussions at the end of the program. Employee performance must also be evaluated before and after the program. Any positive change in the performance could be an indicator of the success of the orientation program. Employee buddies could be assigned and also informal behavior of the employee must be noticed. An active participation in office activities, clarity of work and interaction with other employees is an indication of well oriented employees. Rewards: Direct compensation The philosophy behind the restaurants compensation program is to ensure an attractive and flexible pay along with benefits. The goal for the restaurant is to be competitive in recruitment. The high compensation package also reflects upon the high quality of performance expected from the employees (Reda, 2015). It is important to make employees feel valued and that their performance is given the due credit as well as appreciation. This is an important step to motivate employees and letting them know that the work they perform is important and valued. Various performance evaluation methods must be in place to ensure that the right and deserving employees are rewarded. These merit systems must provide a credible relationship between employee performance and raises awarded to them. A restaurant manager would be evaluated as per a balanced score card. It is a strategic performance management tool which evaluates an employee on the basis of four important aspects, Financial, customer, internal business process and learning growth. Fixed Salary Annually Monthly Basic Pay CAD 120000 CAD 10000 HRA CAD 2400 CAD 200 Conveyance CAD 1200 CAD 100 Telecommunication CAD 240 CAD 20 Professional Tax (CAD 1200) (CAD 100) Provident fund (Contribution of employer) CAD 1200 CAD 100 Provident fund (Employee) (CAD 1200) (CAD 100) Net in hand salary CAD 122640 CAD 10220 Rewards: employee benefits Benefits provided to the restaurant manager would be as below: Travel: The restaurant manager will be provided one way commuting facility. This is because the manager might have to work late night. In such a scenario it becomes the responsibility of the restaurant that the employee reaches home safely. Telecommunication expense: The restaurant manager would be provided a mobile phone. The contact details of which would be made public for customers to contact. This will make the manager a one point contact for everyone. Health insurance: This would be provided to all the employees with the restaurants partner healthcare agency. Tying up with recruitment agencies can be a great idea to hire the right candidates. They take the pressure of screening, interviewing and evaluating the candidates off from the restaurant. The top management then only get candidates shortlisted by the recruitment agency. And it is easier for them to filter the best from the cream. The restaurant does not have a flexible benefits program. This is because the three benefits mentioned above will be offered to the restaurant manager because they are needed. The flexible benefits plan works well for the organization when the cost can be passed on to the employees as a deduction from their before tax income (Bloom Trahan, 2016). The restaurants philosophy is to recruitment competitive. Therefore no additional cost would be passed on to the employee. Travel expense, telecommunication expense, health insurance and sick/casual leaves would be provided to the employee. This is done to increase employee loyalty and satisfaction. 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